NETA Tokenomics

NETA Tokenomics #

NETA is a token with a low fixed supply. These are the characteristics of hard money.

NETA is a decentralized canonical Juno community asset. Inheritting modular properties for use in the Juno ecosystem.

NETA BlackPaper #

The role of NETA as a store of value is described in the NETA BlackPaper:

What is NETA? #

NETA is money on the Juno Network. It‘s sole purpose is to function as a scarce decentralized store of value asset for the Juno ecosystem and inter-chain Cosmos at large. Claimable for free by thousands of Juno delegates at inception. Never a seed sale, private sale or public sale. Verifiable zero NETA is held in reserve by any third party ie. developers, teams, founders or companies. The Juno community owns all NETA in existence. Distributed widely and fairly via the criteria, listed in the distribution section.1

NETA Supply #

Out of a total supply of 32,950 NETA:

31886.6 NETA was claimed 1063.4 NETA was permanently burned

NETA Token Modularity #

NETA is a rebuke to tokens with premines, insiders, inflation, and ponzinomics.

Permissionless #

Any dapp can use NETA Any DAO can be a NETA DAO.

Community Driven #

Your dapp doesn’t need a token

Inflation Free #

No inflation to dump No yield farming to distract

Store of value #