Airdrop Distribution

NETA Airdrop #

32,950 NETA was allocated to be distributed to early Juno users who claimed the ‘GovDrop’ at GovDrop was a variation of the fairdrop, a popular airdrop distribution in the early Cosmos IBC period.

NETA Airdrop Snapshot #

At the time of the Moneta upgrade (December 15th), a snapshot was taken of the Juno Network distributed ledger.

NETA Airdrop Criteria #

The NETA BlackPaper1 describes the NETA GovDrop distribution:

  1. Person delegated at least 25 JUNO on-chain = 1 NETA
  2. Person voted on at least 1 on-chain governance proposal = 10 bonus NETA
  3. Person voted on all on-chain governance proposals = 5 bonus NETA
  4. Person delegated to at least 1 validator outside the top 20 = 0.2 bonus NETA

With 25 JUNO delegated and qualifiying for all the bonus criteria. 16.2 NETA was the maximum allocated per user.

NETA Airdrop Claim Period #

The NETA airdrop was claimable in the month Febuary 2022. All unclaimed NETA was permanently burned at the end of February.

  • 31,886.6 NETA was claimed
  • 1,063.4 NETA was permanently burned

NETA Airdrop Distribution #