May 21, 2022

[Notes compiled by jonnie Smith#7124]

  • week after Terra Luna debacle/crash
  • last weeks notes - lot of information to capture
  • well summarized, high signal, low noise conversation


  • Said would speak with DaoDao team about doing a single Dao. Envy already has code base for this - shared with working group
  • Discussion around working with Heroku. Envy typically builds manually
  • Whiskey has previously worked with Heroku - highlighted benefit of using command line to push straight to server
  • questions around needing to manually input data and the dependencies this may involve
  • decision still to be made about working with Heroku - Whiskey to review


  • Envy sat in on weekly DaoDao session
  • DD starting a 2 week code audit for smart contracts, possibly infrastructure
  • Security Dao has also been undertaking reviews
  • worked with an external auditing firm (Oak Security) with experience of working with other protocols, including Anchor Protocol (smart contracts), Persistence, Sifchain, Terra, Mirror, Apollo, Alice - link available in the DaoDao channel
  • Envy has PDF for the Security Dao independent audits of DaoDao, available for internal reference

DaoDao Feature Updates

  • Name Registry project - like Blue Check marks - to manage the naming process & quality of naming Daos (prevention of dubious/spam Daos)
  • Bonding Curves
  • Multiple Choice Governance proposals
  • First past the post & rank choice voting


  • Challenges getting hold of core team & having effective channels of communication
  • Useful to have input & collaboration with Core-1 - question around how long to wait (can be counter-productive) before taking steps, making decisions & implementing initiatives
  • waiting for formal decision and consensus around NETA from Core-1

Domain & hosting discussion:

  • We have code base to allow creation of walled garden.
  • Assuming don’t get access to Neta Money website, should we pursue the Neta Dao domain name?
  • take steps to get registrations of different domain names & platform set-up to help with progress
  • Once test net up, allows for tangible, visible & initial dev work to be undertaken.
  • Agreement to look at securing a .zone domain name (circa $8-25/yr)
  • set up new wallet for domain registration, licensing and hosting.
  • idea to set up a multi-sig wallet to give flexibility to make decisions and small purchases - this would facilitate activity & moving forward
  • if continue hosting on Heroku, can use DNS records to set up platforms & main requirement is the .zone domain name(s)
  • looking forward, preference would be to not have countless things hosted on Heroku
  • To explore: test-net Heroku with DNS records to a .zone domain would be an ideal starting point

Design discussion

  • Is there anyone who can do front end design & web development within the community or Neta group?
  • potentially reach out to community for assistance with graphics and creation of landing pages
  • ideally have a resource going forwards that has design capabilities
  • can leverage resources from community or external design resources

Neta Dao

  • idea to create separate NetaDao discord discussed
  • get clarification from core-1 about steps to move forward with development
  • challenges around time & resource commitments faced by Core-1 to focus on NetaDao development
  • question - can Dimi be contacted by Heisenberg to help progress actions
  • capture information in a one-pager statement to help clarify: a) what NetaDao is b) where it’s going c) what steps are being taken to move things forward.
  • discussion around activity that other Dao’s are undertaking
  • helps to solidify activities and release schedule - aiming for Weds to release this
  • in addition, provide information around discord channels, what’s planned, and how community can engage with Neta Dao


  • Idea of setting up low key donations functionality to facilitate community donations and funding.
  • Caveat that this is not driven by airdrops or ‘investments’. Donations would be to support activities, not driven by economic gain
  • once the foundations are in place, can open up communications and let community know whats coming
  • discussion around logistics of setting up a basic landing page & domain name, social links, donations button, documentation & how it would work in practice overall


  • discussion around doxxing, and the pro’s/con’s of doing this. In short, community have already had the Neta airdrop, so a level of trust already exists
  • Neta already has a store of value function. Doxxing may be more applicable if/when additional tokens are released and new functionality is created
  • Community know some of the names and discord names of the Neta Dao team
  • agreement to use Discord names going forward - community are familiar with these names

Reaching Out

  • Pupmos - discussion around Pupmos joining calls. Will reach out to Pupmos to arrange conversations
  • Passage - waiting to hear back when Troopers can be tested. Heisenberg will update. Initially will require just a couple of testers
  • Core-1 - When core-1 respond, this will be shared. Dimi can be contacted by Neta Dao team

Important to have good connections to function as a community accelerator

Validator Ranking system

  • criteria for ranking is in development
  • info will include best of breed from existing platforms to produce useful and easily consumable metrics to users
  • red, yellow & green rating system will form core of the system
  • focus is on useful metrics


  • prioritisation of activities: a) Dao statement b) Dao Dao c) trading bot d) discord

Other activities can be reviewed on a case by case basis.Team want to maximize efficiency & best use of time & resources.