May 7, 2022

[Notes compiled by envy##9950]

Current #

NETA Trooprs

  • Passage is refactoring code, able to put a limit on how many Trooprs a wallet can buy - voting from May 6 to May 9 in #dao-proposals Discord channel
  • Lex: “We have several other projects that want to list on Passage, but we’re pushing everyone back until we get Neta Trooprs live… There is good reason to believe we could have the Trooper team testing mints on testnet with us by next week.”
  • 6 ATOM being held as sell price despite ATOM’s fiat price drop

Core-1 Questions have been sent to Max (very busy with RAW DAO launch)

  • What involvement in NETA development should we expect from Core-1?
    • if everything is being left to the community, can we get full Discord server/website access? if not, will need to move to a new one for more control
  • How can we work on setting up a standalone DAO environment like RAW DAO?
  • Pupmos contact info - received Twitter callouts, unsure if this is just marketing or looking for some level of collaboration

RAW Proposals

  • RAW proposal deposit: 7000 RAW
  • only price so far in OSMO #699 (~$0.13, extremely low liquidity, not a DEX-sponsored pool)
  • waiting to see if RAW puts out incentives for NETA pools on Junoswap before exploring proposal submission

Chart Listings
What do we need to do to get NETA listed on CoinMarketCap, Live Coin Watch, Coinpaprika, Nomics?

Do we only need to submit chain address/contract info (if other CW-20 tokens are listed, technical components are likely already in place)? Does this have to come from Core-1 as they were the creators?

Grid Trading Bot

  • backtesting has begun with both grid trading and grid-like strategies
  • trading in a NETA-based pair (ex, NETA/JUNO) would generate additional volume but would be both trading against itself and would counter its buy pressure with sell pressure
  • a closely correlated trading pair is ideal for a typical grid trading bot; the range doesn’t necessarily need to be large but needs to be consistent - “accumulation phase” chart is ideal
  • doesn’t necessarily need to run indefinitely with no interaction - could be adjusted on a set basis similar to OSMO’s semi-automatic incentive adjustment proposals
  • could be any trading pair in any ecosystem - as long as we can generate and lock gains from something, we can figure out how to route them to Junoswap to buy NETA on a scheduled basis

Community #

Twitter Activity (28 day summary)

Tweet impressions: 314K
Profile visits: 246K
Mentions: 471
Followers: 4,007

  • continue drawing attention to Commonwealth by posting DAO meeting notes
  • draft what individuals are excited to build as well as a general mission statement for both social media and general branding (ex, DAO site masthead) - still unclear to those not involved what NETA is shaping as

Consensus Discussion

  • “This is what we’re looking to do, here are a few paragraphs about what this DAO is going to be about, signal your thoughts and if you’re not OK with it, make your voice heard now” - need to lock down DAO purpose with some form of consensus
  • JUP token from Community Accelerator post can be omitted in purpose as a secondary token is not explicitly needed at this time - could be explored in the future if deemed necessary
  • we cannot claim to speak for the entire population of NETA holders but also cannot fear taking action - individuals interested in building NETA have had sufficient time to participate and offer ideas or proposals through channels supplied by Core-1
  • if there isn’t anything else put forth in places for NETA holders to voice thoughts, opinions, or concerns (ex, on Commonwealth, Twitter, Discord, in weekly meetings), we need to move forward to build something in the best interest of NETA holders and for NETA itself
  • public statement on Twitter about what the DAO will be about will help facilitate direct, focused discussion and accelerate development
  • leave out link to CA Commonwealth post as it has already created unintended confusion - was intended to be a loose document to start discussion and build ideas on, not an explicit proposal

Misc Ideas #

NETA-friendly Validator Bonus “If you hold a minimum of x NETA while staking with a validator, the validator takes a lower commission (giving greater rewards to the staker)”
-reached out to multiple smaller validators: is this possible with current codebase and if so, what potential problems could there be?

Future #


  • Maxjuno - answers will determine our next steps


  • explore development on a Single DAO App (RAW DAO’s structure), work with DAODAO on bug fixing
  • continue backtesting for grid trading bot, evaluate trading pairs
  • develop concise general mission statement and our core purpose as well as individuals’ perspectives


  • @Tardigrades_NFT expressed interest in working with NETA - explore in the future