April 30, 2022

[Notes compiled by envy##9950]

DAODAO v1 Contracts Update

What needs to be tested?

  • DAODAO group focusing on smart contracts, infrastructure and frontend needed

  • governance testing, order of operations

  • Envy has access to private frontend repo as Github contributor, will begin working through codebase now that their new update has been applied

  • DAODAO team states that input poisoning and injections have been largely mitigated - NETA DAO testing can verify, all checks have passed so far

  • grid trading bot continuing to be hashed out, data backtesting is occurring

How do we spur additional involvement in the meantime without a treasury?

NETA bounty system - rewards post-DAO launch to incentivize present development?

  • should stay away from promises, immediate compensation preferred

Create multisig for individuals to contribute to initiative funding?

  • still can’t reliably have a community vote on allocation and even if we could, present engagement would realistically be already active members paying other already active members
  • catch-22 - can’t offer bounties since we don’t have the DAO set up yet, but DAO testing is progressing slowly because we can’t offer incentives by means of bounties
  • can find a way to reward people contributing during pre-treasury times but no formal promises since things could go wrong

How to keep DAO testing on track?

  • many abstractions and those directly involved know what is needed, but itemized checklists to fully take inventory of exact needs
  • too implicit makes it impenetrable for those not already involved in the Discord to assist without extensive lurking; the more abstract and in our heads we have it, the more likely it is to fall to the wayside
  • when NETA community feels we’ve satisfied the checklist, work with DAODAO and have them verify particular aspects, then greenlight
  • create focused delegation on major aspects of testing: frontend, infrastructure, smart contracts, governance

How to organize Discord server to better facilitate development?

  • permission-based roles - can either use an (often paid) permissions bot or open channels completely, we still have little control over current Discord server
  • revisiting same problems - some bot actions can only be assigned by “Owner” role of server
  • need to set up meeting with Max or other members of Core-1: go through things we need assistance with, guidance, or roles - get answers as to what we can expect
  • separate working groups an option for now; if a veto or no clear consensus develops on a transition of necessary user roles, a new community Discord server is the next best option - we need to be able to work
  • we can’t act as if individuals currently building in the Discord have NETA holder consensus but we can’t pull in all holders; if we keep operating under the assumption that there could be other groups building, we’ll never get anywhere

Troopr Mint

  • no news from Passage on progress
  • won’t have a response until some time between May 2-9, they’re looking at refactoring code, have their own NFT initiatives they’re focusing - could take a while
  • can’t promise further dates - be transparent with what we hear from Passage and be upfront but no hard dates - underpromise both for the sake of community and for image; not about whose fault it is but about managing expectations


Gamefi Discord - several smart contract and frontend devs posting credentials, first picks for code even if it isn’t game related (ex, grid bot)

Does the grid bot need a DAO treasury to get started?

  • can run through a multisig
  • would need initial balance to begin trading
  • be transparent with purpose and desires as to manage expectations: “[address] goes to a multisig wallet with funds to be used within the grid trading bot. It will work to accumulate funds that will be forwarded to the NETA DAO treasury once DAO testing is complete. If you donate, it is of your own good will.”

Do we need NETA, JUNO, or both for it to work?

  • if any dev can create makeshift limit orders, just NETA
  • if there’s another method of trading within the pair, it depends how it’s built
  • could get started with a small amount; accumulation would be slower but if the algorithm and backtesting checks out, as long as it can cover gas fees, on a long enough timeline it will accumulate

NFT Proxy Marketplace

  • marketplaces slowly cropping up but they all have a walled garden approach (“you can mint and sell on our platform, but our token is the backbone”)
  • NETA proxy aggregate marketplace? - could pull listings from all platforms (Stargaze, Omniflix, Assetmantle) or tie in to mint or sell your items but won’t have to be in a specific token
  • could buy with whatever you have in your wallet, proxy buying would convert to whatever seller desires, NETA DAO takes a small cut of transactions for treasury
  • would facilitate community interaction, allow NETA DAO to accumulate multiple assets as reserves that could later be used for other projects (begin developing liquidity under NETA DAO jurisdiction to jumpstart future DEX development?)

NFT Projects

  • some members building NFT projects geared towards JUNO, NETA, ATOM communities
  • goal to raise more for the NETA DAO, ideas on bringing it into games, working with other teams or validators for additional functionality

Twitter Activity

Tweet impressions: 442K Profile visits: 299K Followers: 3,906

  • @Cosmos_Spaces willing to do a Twitter Spaces with NETA DAO contributors
  • Potential lead topic: establishing context and circumstances NETA was born in (community-driven, open-ended use case) - how has it formed so far and what are the dominant ideas of those building?
  • can help for visibility and act as a beacon for developers or people interested in contributing
  • “State of the Dev” thread on Twitter - things prominent contributors are excited about
  • what people working on NETA day to day are most excited about to build with NETA - either what’s being built or what you’re excited about building in the future

RAW Launch

  • if no incentives for RAW, can initiate deposits and create a proposal for JUNO/NETA pool incentives