April 16, 2022

[Notes compiled by envy##9950]

Commonwealth Proposal Discussion - “Community Accelerator” #

could also function as “Juno Lite” - anything Juno developers haven’t tackled, we can consider bringing into our ecosystem

Tiered system

  • means of ranking everything within our ecosystem in terms of value/effort/risk/reward
  • web app drafted, likely to release ideas in next few days


  • NETA would stick to its SoV functionality and act as governance token, JUP would be secondary derivative to provide rewards and act as spending token
  • starts with ~80/20 split between NETA/JUNO holders - same distribution schedule as JUNO, 2x JUNO max supply
  • two-tiered system allows for NETA to function truly as a SoV
  • don’t have to start with a two-tier token, NETA can still act as governance token
  • JUP model in Community Accelerator paper was based on Core-1’s initial draft, wolfcontract drafted an N2 token in an example plan
  • ongoing discussion on tokenomics, not interfering with establishing DAO - much to do in setting up proper DAO governance, we have time

Updates #

NETA Trooprs

  • launching 4/18 at 9pm UTC
  • rarity checker: in the works from several individuals, just a manual “enter your number” without Keplr integration
  • if it looks like we’re hitting too many issues, we will still be able to release something by end of week

DAO Testing

  • number of both minor and major issues found in DAODAO platform and reported to team for bug fixes - established direct line of communication to them
  • DAODAO releasing major contract upgrade within the next two weeks - NETA DAO will hold off on launching before that and continue testing - Troopr funds to remain in wallet during interim

Validator: Start our own validator or help other projects/aspiring validators?

  • if helping out existing validators, can target lower end of active sets to further decentralization and mitigate risk - delegate our funds to a large set
  • be aware that if one ends up getting pushed into active set, another would be pushed out
  • good way to work with many teams and build connections
  • both models generates revenue, can be done in either order, and neither option rules out the other
  • if we start our own validator first, we can help others build/refine; if we help others first, we can learn best practices should we choose to build our own


  • ethos and general project goal of NETA rather than “constitution” as an affirmation of rights
  • what we are, who we are, what we’re doing
  • formalization of social norms we’re agreeing to (ex, “is this ok or not?” in that we don’t want to run into an issue of contention like JUNO #16)
  • after we have the DAO set up, tested, established, iron out constitution through governance - don’t just mirror commonwealth discussions and assume

Priorities: #

Community Engagement and Consensus

Official Twitter analytics:

Tweet impressions 621K Profile visits 292K Mentions 1,007 Followers 3,409

  • TrickyCrypto willing to do a Twitter Space with Cosmos_Spaces/NETA_DAO accounts to help establish clarity
  • need explicit clarification from Core-1 about what their intentions were with NETA when Juno whale issue is settled (any continued work from them? multiple DAOs?)
  • Core-1 has been swamped with Juno work - NETA is very low on their list and for us to be able to achieve interim functionality on social media, some things have to be makeshift

Priorities for following week #

Speak With:

  • Tardigrades: collaboration with NFTs (@Tardigrades_NFT)


  • continue NETA DAO testing and working with DAODAO on bug fixing
  • collect community feedback following NETA Troopr launch
  • continued discussion of possible NETA use cases, both general and in the context of a proposed secondary token
  • continued development of discussed use cases outside of NETA Discord by individuals or groups
  • re-evaluate community’s prominent time zones to potentially adjust meeting time (or host a second intraweek meeting?)
  • continue activity on commonwealth.im/neta-money for formal discussion
  • NETA Constitution - what is our mission statement and our core purpose? what do we want our initiatives to represent?