April 9, 2022

[Notes compiled by envy##9950]

Updates #

  • JUNO chain halt - self-explanatory. DAO testing on hold most of the week
  • waiting on IBC to stabilize, tentative NETA Troopr mint Monday 4/11, Passage team makes the call
  • contact made with Galactic DAO, validator questions written for them, input available before GlowGator sends off
  • TrickyCrypto (affiliated with @Cosmos_Spaces) offering validator info in #dao-general

DAO Testing + Development #

  • DAO created for testing purposes, fake NETA tokens using Junomint tool, created DAO. will share links on #daodao-tooling-and-testing
  • creating set of instructions for people to test next week (proposals, testing with various configurations of quorum, threshold, proposal deposit)
  • problem: when you create tokens on Junomint, it delivers to creator’s primary wallet - will need to manually deliver to testnet participants
  • started with default settings, can change parameters once a DAO is created with a proposal
  • creating list of things to do to test DAO, one item being changing parameters
  • testnet participants are recommended to create new wallet in Keplr for test tokens to avoid revealing their holdings
  • DAO Constitution - not really possible to do anything in terms of “voter/holder rights” in a legal sense (formal definition of constitution) but mission statement/general purpose can, should, and will be written
    • commonwealth topic to be made for this

Priorities for following week #

Speak With:

  • DAODAO: Jake on Core-1 well-connected with DAODAO team, can reach him/them through dimi
  • Tardigrades: collaboration with NFTs (@Tardigrades_NFT)
  • Galactic DAO, TrickyCrypto: validator questions and brainstorming


  • DAO testing throughout the week, reconvene next DAO call with results and plan for formal establishment the week after
  • schedule a time with Maxjuno to sit down and adjust Discord server permissions (permission-restricted channels) and create workgroups, particularly for NFTs and DAO testing
  • begin migrating activity to commonwealth.im/neta-money for formal discussion