April 2, 2022

[Notes compiled by envy##9950]

Updates #

NFT Projects #

Trooprs/Devotio #

  • waiting for Passage to finalize contracts, will be ready for next week
    • creation of multisig: waiting for them to send an address, then asking dimi to create multisig wallet
  • secondary market royalties all go to Ren regardless of whether it was from public sale or airdrop (all the same set) - only revenue for NETA DAO and Passage is the initial sale

Others #

  • haven’t started conversation with Passage re: metaverse stuff - don’t want to overhype something and begin working on it before we’re ready
  • @Tardigrades_NFT followed Ren’s Troopr progression and they’re interested in working with NETA for something similar (ex, 2500 NFTs - most sold, some drop to active members)

Outreach #

  • Jake on Core-1 close to DAODAO team
  • working on DAO testing this coming week, then around April 14, set up the DAO and officially send funds
  • Galactic Punks - connected but member is busy, will reach out to us - if we don’t receive word, GlowGator will contact and start conversation
    • validator - drafting server architecture and assessing requirements
      • if able to compare notes with Galactic Punks, we see what they used in terms of structure and modify it from LUNA to fit JUNO validator requirements
  • @IBCFrens considering a validator, also worth reaching out

DAO Structure Discussion #

  • GlowGator’s model
    • time-saving mechanisms/reducing cognitive load valuable to Cosmos ecosystem
  • “Can there be one NETA DAO or many?
    • a DAO is legitimized when it both acquires funding and performs governance - coming actions will establish it
    • we’ll have the funds sent after Troopr sale and can start performing governance - we can’t have a fair decision on how/what to build without voting
    • start establishing parameters (threshold, quorum, minimum deposits) when making contact with DAODAO
    • other DAOs established some of these parameters (ex, ARTO DAO)
      • Passing threshold: 60%
      • Proposal deposit refund: OFF
      • 60 ARTO proposal deposit (Max Supply of token: 18k)

“Off-Script” Ideas #

  • “community accelerator” - NETA providing tools and consulting to strengthen and legitimize community
  • long-term value capture - Cosmos at its base level is very much function over form. ATOM price action isn’t flashy but its value is found in technical and community development
  • “do something good, do something meaningful, take your time, do it right, and the money will follow”

Priorities for following week #

Speak With:

  • DAODAO: Jake on Core-1 well-connected with DAODAO team, can reach him/them through dimi
  • Tardigrades: collaboration with NFTs @Tardigrades_NFT


  • DAO testing throughout the week, reconvene next DAO call with results and plan for formal establishment the week after
  • schedule a time with Maxjuno to sit down and adjust Discord server permissions (permission-restricted channels) and create workgroups, particularly for NFTs and DAO testing