March 26, 2022

[Notes compiled by envy##9950]

Update your Chrome-based browsers (ex, Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera)! An emergency security update has been pushed today - missing the update could compromise your Extensions (read: Keplr and your wallet). #

1) Progress reports from previous week #

Value Capture for Treasury: #

Devotio NFTs:

  • Cryptocito had an NFT giveaway, Passage has been promoting Troopers
  • able to tweet about Neta Troopers on @NetaMoney using Dimi as messenger
  • need to create guide for steps to buy NETA Troopers since they need to IBC transfer ATOM
  • Passage team to get address for multisig wallet, Dimi/Ren/Heisenberg creating signature for NFT sale fund wallet and relay to DAO once sale is complete
  • Passage waiting for public mint to be sold out before distribution of Devotio NFTs - this is the first minting they’re implementing with smart contracts

Other NFT projects:

  • Strange Clan integration: world building tools coming out soon?
  • once NETA branding solidifies, start building items for Passage (ex, Roman architecture) whether implemented in Strange Clan or other worlds
    • team of artists building creates new revenue stream for DAO

Validator feasibility research/planning:


Branding, social media and Twitter:

  • inheriting @NetaMoney under DAO ownership or making a new account?
    • per Dimi, better for the Twitter account to be managed by a DAO, Core-1 will need to make an official decision re: handoff
    • can still use @NetaMoney for NETA Troopers announcements in the meantime, send postings to Dimi
  • visual branding ideas, images in front of us - color palette, themes, iconography
  • website usage - FAQ, lore, branding, content - contact Core-1 for handoff decision on this as well
  • NETA ambassador program? community volunteers

NETA DAO Updates/Setup/Tokenomics:

  • working on tokenomics and procedural setup
  • Galactic Punks DAO on Terra - similar roadmap, community validator model, NFTs linking everyone together, NFT staking
  • possible to integrate existing tokens to DAO treasury as reward? ex, give JUNO reward for staking NETA in the DAO?

2) New ideas/concepts #

  • noticed the biggest NETA whale is using staking rewards from other coins to buy NETA
  • Cosmos SDK v0.44 has Authz, implemented in REStake for auto-recompounding
  • possible use case: utilizing Authz to allow automatic claiming and swapping rewards for NETA over a DEX - automatic “store of value”
    • if we create a validator, this can be set by default - allow delegators to select a percentage of rewards to be automatically “rolled off” into NETA
      • small transaction fee of NETA routed to DAO treasury?
  • adjacent to Secret Network - can we work with wrapped coins for a private store of value?
    • create sNETA for their DEXes - can CW-20 tokens be wrapped or only sovereign chains?
      • believed to be coming to Secret’s functionality in a few months

3) Build consensus on priorities for following weeks #

Speak With:

  • Core-1: handoffs of social accounts and website (use established ones or make new ones? how to handle decentralized website management?)
  • DAODAO: hash out goals and what we want to achieve - tokenomics, governance, general purpose (Jake on Core-1 and twilight as good points of contact)
  • Galactic Punks DAO: information sharing, brainstorming re: similar roadmap
  • Passage: clarification on world building tool availability


  • write instructions for ATOM IBC transfer to buy Troopers NFTs (@NetaMoney to retweet these, contact Dimi when complete)
  • reorganize Discord server and set up workgroup areas for dedicated teams (work with Max for redesign)

4) Discord server draft #

├── NETA
│   ├── announcements
│   ├── rules
│   ├── proposals
│   ├── suggestions
│   ├── bot-container
├── General
│   ├── stats
│   ├── links
│   ├── price
│   ├── community
│   ├── marketing
│   ├── art-meme-design
│   ├── dev-lounge
├── DAO
│   ├── dao-general
│   ├── dao-meetings
├── NFT
│   ├── nft-general
│   ├── nft-announcements
├── Workgroups
│   ├── branding
│   ├── community-collaboration-outreach
│   ├── DAO-design-tokenomics
│   ├── NFTs
│   ├── use-case-workshop
└── community meetings